Our services

International transport
At present we own 8 trucks with trailers, majority of them is of 40 tons, with 3
metres internal height, fitted with economic and environmentally friendly EURO-
6 qualified engines to carry out our clients’ domestic and international transport
tasks. So as to achive wider transport capacity, we apply contracted
subcontractors. Our most frequented international routes include Western and
Southern European countries, besides, we transport to and from the EU on a
regular basis.

International forwarding
Our professional and experienced collegues, our almost 20 years of flawless
development, and the satisfaction of our cliens is the guarantee for your great
choice to make when chosing us. We will do our best to find the safest, most
economic, most optimal domestic or international transport solution for your
goods towards Western, Southern Europe, the territory of the European Union,
and of course, we stay at your disposal even in case of non-EU transports.

Full truck loads, partial loads
Our company carries out domestic and international transport and forwarding of
full truck loads and partial loads, relying both on its own capacity and on its
subcontractors’ with preferential conditions. We are working towards to find the
most optimal and economic transport solution for the actual quantity and size of
the goods to be transported.

Transport of ADR and sensitive goods
Do not hesitate to contact our collegues in case of any special transport request:
we are ready to give you our best price quotations for the domestic or
international transport or forwarding of your dangerous goods – of certain ADR
classes- or sensitive goods.

Round trips, more loading/unloading places, urgent delivery,
individual solutions

After unloading the goods transported in export, would you like to further occupy
the vehicle in return? Will you have returns of partial or complete truck load from
the original unloading place? Would you share the goods among more
recipients, or have you eventually placed an order for a great quantity, and more
vehicles will be needed? Will the urgency be a more important factor than it
usually is? Turn to us and we will help you to find the best individual solution.